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Can you explain?
Can't sleep
My thoughts are running of the edge
No where to go
They're stuck inside my head
All I seem to do
is think about you
Please release me
From this endless drift
Can you explain to me
How this was supposed to go
You took the initiative
I just followed along
Somewhere along the way
I got caught up
Seems right about the time
You dropped us
So I lay here late at night
Just thinking
Thoughts inside my mind
spinning and leaking
I try to sleep
but I can't
You've grabbed my mind
And you won't let go of it
I tried so hard
To be the person that you wanted
And at the same time
Just be who I am
I was the nice guy
The loyal friend
Guess you only really like
The ones that hurt
You gave me the chance
To hold you in my arms
We laughed
Had a lot of good times
Now you took it away
Just like that
And I'm left
Trying to understand it
Can you explain to me
How this was supposed to end?
Because now it's over
And I don't understand it
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 1 0
My Buffy Meme :iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 13 1
I look the same when I look in the mirror today
Then I looked this same time last year
I take two pictures and put them side to side
And was right, that’s the same girl there
So you loved me when I was the exact same girl, but straight
But all you can see is the gender of the person I want to be with
I’m not defined by who I love
I’m defined by what I do
And what I do is work to make our world a better place
The same as you claim to want to do
Don’t judge me based on your own personal prejudices
Look at what I spend my time doing
Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I sleep around
Or mean I’m wrong in any way
In fact there are a lot of people who do bad things
Who you would consider better then me
Purely based on one factor of me
Stop looking at the label you glue on to understand
Just who you think I am
I’m not a label, I’m a human being
And when you judge and hate me, just think
Is your label any better then the one you put on me?
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 2 2
I'll Be Back Again
It’s that time again
I can feel it deep inside
Even though you’re in my arms
Tonight is our last night
The sun is falling outside the window
It’s the saddest metaphor
Because when that sun returns again
I’ll be gone
I’ll be gone across an ocean
A few continents away
But never doubt that I’ll miss you
I could never leave that way
I love you
That’s all I can say
And I’ll be back again
I’ll come back into your arms
As soon as I can
Please know I’ll miss you
It’s just that I have to go
I don’t want to leave you
But this is the life we chose
It’s not for forever
Soon I’ll be back in your arms
Because there’s nothing that could keep me
From returning here safe from harm
I’ll be back again
This is my home
And until then I’ll be with you
In your heart and soul
So close your eyes
And dream of me my love
Because when you open them again
I’ll be gone
I’ll be back again
As soon as I
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 0 0
Maybe I don’t understand who I am right now
But one day I will
The hardest thing is to make the decision
To be who I am
Instead of who I want desperately to be
They tell me to wait
Sooner or later I’ll figure it out
I know that in my head
But in my heart
It’s hard to be that patient
Not knowing this about me
Is like missing a piece of the puzzle of me
If anyone should be able to put it together
You think it would be me
So I wait here
On the curb as my life goes by
Until one day as I watch I realized
This one piece doesn’t decide what I do
It’s a part of me
Not all of me
I can still live my life even if I don’t know
So this is me
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 0 0
I’ve stared at this image for far to long
If it was going to say something it already would
Yet my heart cries out to it
Like it’s the only thing left in the world
And I don’t know what to think anymore
My whole life has been searching in one direction
This about face seems so sudden
Almost as if it’s not real
Yet I can’t deny the desire that fills my soul
When I see the one thing I know I shouldn’t want
Things should be easier then this I think
But then if they were
They wouldn’t be worth it
My heart cries out in torment
As it is split in two directions
Sooner or later one will have to fit
I feel out of touch from everything I’ve known
Nothing seems real anymore
My beliefs about myself are turned upside down
I wonder what else I might have missed
In my eager desire to just be content
But I know I’ll never be happy like this
It’s time to make the change
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 1 3
You are my life now... :iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 2 0
Wish Me Luck
I’m a creator not a destroyer
I like to build up
Not tear down
Yet sometimes words pour out I can’t control
And I know they hurt someone
It’s kind of like a weird
Out of body experience
I want to stop,
But on the other hand I want to just let it out
Can you forgive me?
For all the words I said
I wanted to protect you
Instead I just destroyed you
Even though sometimes
I know we won’t agree
Please forgive me
If I say anything I don’t mean
It’s not often that I  can say
I don’t like someone
And it’s not often I deliberately
Say something bad about someone
But these last few months
I’ve felt myself change
It’s a change I don’t like
I want to go back to before
To the time when I didn’t get involved
With all this drama and gossip
The world seems to be changing
We grow older
Grow wiser
Or at least that’s what they tell us
Is supposed to happen
Instead I’ve found myself
Becoming someone I don’t want to be
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 1 0
Momentary Thing :iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 2 2
Where we are
This is where we are
The intersection of nowhere and everywhere
With the memories of times we’ve had
Lining the street in either direction
One side showing my past
The other showing yours
And one point in between
Showing where we connected
This is where we could be
If we let go of everything that held us back
The inhibitions of consequences
Created by our paranoid minds
Too afraid to let go of control
And just be who we could be
Just be who we are meant to be
This is where we were
It seems so different now
We can see our mistakes
The things we regret passing by
The people we lost to things we can’t control
All of it makes us want to cry
But we hold on
Because together it doesn’t overwhelm us
This is where we are
Our intersection
Our connection
Now when everything comes together
The past and the future
The pain and the healing
And we see who we were and who we could be
we decide it’s better to just live now
And be who we are together
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 0 0
Without You :iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 4 3
You know that feeling?
When everything’s going right
But nothing’s going right
You should be feeling happy
But instead you just want to cry
I’m there
I want to yell and scream
And kick something
And finally let go of these emotions I feel
But instead a part of me
Tells me to keep it all inside
And I continue on that way
With everything contained
Screw it my heart says
Nothing ever ends up right on the inside
But the scene looks okay
Like one in a movie
So what do I say?
There’s no way to explain it
Other then that
I want to yell and scream
And kick something
And finally let go of these emotions I feel
But instead a part of me
Tells me to keep it all inside
And I continue on that way
With everything contained
Everything pushed inside
In this box I call my heart
It’s getting ready to explode
It can’t hold anymore
Of these hidden away feelings
But I can’t
I can’t let go
I want to yell and scream
And kick something
And finally let go of these emotion
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 1 1
Nothing Changed
It started easily
A couple of drinks
To cover up what she thought was wrong
She figured that it couldn’t hurt
All she had to do was forget it all
After all, what is pain?
When you can’t even see straight
There’s an empty bottle on the floor
The memory of forgetting memories
It’s what she’ll see when she wakes up
To realize that it didn’t fix a thing
All that’s left is a pounding headache
And a blank spot where last night should be
Opps how did that guy get there?
Guess that’s another forgotten memory
And guess what?
Nothing changed
If alcohol alone didn’t work
She figured why not take the pill
It couldn’t really hurt
He told her it would make her feel good
She desperately wanted to feel good
She wanted to feel anything
So she took it
There’s an empty bottle on the floor
The memory of forgetting memories
It’s what she’ll see when she wakes up
To realize that it didn’t fix a thing
All that’s left is a pounding hea
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 0 0
Hanging by a Moment :iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 8 5
Was the worst day I’ve had in a while
Everything tore me apart
And all I want to do is lie down
And forget it all
So I open up the bottle beside me
A group of people dare me to drink
So I do
And I’m falling
Farther away from who I was
And forgetting all the things that made me cry today
With this last drink
I’m falling back into the oblivion
Once again
Because it means I don’t have to feel this way
A few drinks down the line
And I can’t see the faces of the people around me
They all look like the blurs
Of people that have hurt me in the past
I’m so angry
And so sad
Because of things I never said
So I drink some more
Until I can’t feel anything
And I’m falling
Farther away from who I was
And forgetting all the things that made me cry today
With this last drink
I’m falling back into the oblivion
Once again
Because it means I don’t have to feel this way
Are the first thing I see when I come to
A bright room with worried faces
:iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 0 1
Chemicals React :iconblamethemonkey:blamethemonkey 31 23


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Artist | Design & Interfaces

- playing basketball in the rain
- days that aren't too sunny, but aren't rainy
- walking places
- funny t-shirts
- cool explosions
- making desktop wallpapers
- watching Buffy
- black and white photography
- jumping in puddles


- spinach
- people who don't listen the first time
- reality tv
- really hot days
- long socks
- books that don't really end
- litter
- the color yellow

Current Residence: Pensacola, FL
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: photography
Favourite cartoon character: Batman
Personal Quote: Shit happens, use a toilet
So I was sitting in Starbucks with one of my sorority sisters and we got on the topic of how shitty some women behave while pregnant. I'm not talking about hormones and stuff, I'm talking about the more serious problems like smoking or drinking while they know they're pregnant. Naturally, since I have a one track mind, this got me thinking about the Florida Gay Adoption Ban. Can I just say wtf Florida?! A woman cannot be legally prosecuted if her child is born with fetal alcohol syndrome because alcohol is legal, but I can't legally adopt a kid because I'm gay. Apparently my sexual identity makes me a more unfit mother then someone who's too selfish to stop drinking for nine months. Children born with FAS have the risk of organ dysfunction, learning difficulties, and developmental delay1. A kid with two mothers or fathers has the horrible risk of being confused about their sexual identity, having low self esteem, or having emotional problems. Since that doesn't happen to kids with straight parents.
Let's take some facts for a minute. Research done at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston in 2005 found that children raised by same-sex parents did as well as children raised in a more 'traditional' family.2 The researchers at Tufts looked at 15 different studies done over the last couple of decades. These studies showed that kids with gay parents were as well adjusted and intelligent as other kids. So why does the state of Florida refuse to see that? Ken Connor, President of the Family Research Center, says that kids growing up with gay parents will be 'deprived' of a loving mom and dad.3 Let's reflect on that for a moment. I think we can all agree that not every kid with a mom and a dad is loved. Some of them end up in the Florida Adoption system because of that. So why not give kids who are in the system and need a loving home to two people who want them and will care for them? Who cares if they're gay. Somebody's ability to parent is based on a lot of things, they're sexual identity is not one of them.
Okay, you've heard me rant long enough so I'm going to wrap this up with a plea. If anything I've said here has made you think about this subject, and you're fired up against this ban then do something about it. Go to your Florida Senator or representative's website and shoot them an email. Tell them that we, the voting constituents of the state of Florida are taking time out of our lives to tell them that this is wrong. Nothing is going to change unless we stand up and make it. I'm insulted that according to Florida I'm an unfit mother, when an estimated 2040 kids are born in this state with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome a year.4 But hey, all is not lost. If we all take a few minutes to tell the government that we think this needs to be changed, we can change it. Here, I'll even provide a spiffy link for you -… This is the link to contact the representative for our district here in Pensacola, Jeff Miller. So with that I'm done, or at least until I click on that link and write this all again for our lovely representative. Happy Writing!

1.… 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome'
2.… 'Study: Same Sex Parents Raise Well-Adjusted Kids'
3. 'Adopting Premises'
4.… 'Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders'
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